May 24, 2022

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The 4th dose vaccine is “less” effective against Omicron, according to an Israeli hospital study.

The 4th dose vaccine is "less" effective against Omicron, according to an Israeli hospital study.

The administration of a fourth dose of Pfizer or Modernna vaccine makes it possible to multiply antibodies, while proving to be “less” effective in combating the omicron variant of the coronavirus, an Israeli hospital said in a statement on Monday, launching one of the first clinics. Trials on the subject.

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A team from Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv began a clinical trial in late December, vaccinating 154 caregivers with the fourth Pfizer dose and 120 other volunteers with the fourth Modernna dose.

One week after the start of the clinical trial, which was to be extended for six months, the hospital said, “Antibodies (participants, editor’s note) increased fivefold, making the vaccine work and providing protection against serious complications.” Press.

However, on Monday, three weeks after the start of clinical trials, Professor Gili Regev-Yochai, who led the study, clarified that the administration of these fourth doses would “not offer” if it really “raised antibody levels”. Only partial protection from the virus.

“Pfizer and modern vaccines, which are more effective against other variants, offer less protection against omicron,” the epidemiologist said in a press release issued by the big Sheba hospital.

In an effort to mitigate the new wave effects of pollution associated with the Omicron variant, the Israeli government recently gave the green light to give a fourth dose to the elderly or those at risk of developing symptoms.

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More than 537,000 people have received a fourth dose of the Israeli vaccine, according to the latest data from the country’s health ministry, which launched an extensive vaccination campaign in December 2020, making it possible to provide three doses to almost half of the population. Population of 9.2 million.

Although Israel has seen pollution records in recent days, hospitals have not reached maximum treatment capacity and the number of recent deaths has been low.

In this context, and in view of the pressure on the economy over the prevalence of the omicran variant, which usually causes less severe symptoms, the government on Monday decided to reduce the detention period for persons positive for Kovid-19 from seven to five. Days.

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