May 16, 2022

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What Kind of Trolley is Best for Your Business?

When it comes to moving goods around your site with a minimum of manual handling, there is little that can beat the trolley. Reducing the injuries caused by strains and poor lifting techniques, and removing the chance of damage due to dropping, the trolley can be a great way of boosting your health and safety as well as improving productivity. There are many different trolley types available, each with their own particular features and benefits and designed to fit a specific use case. Here is our guide to some of the most popular.

Platform trolleys

Among the most versatile of the trolley variants is the platform trolley. The relatively simple design consists of a flat platform, mounted to a frame that incorporates a handle and four wheels. These trolleys can be used for super heavy-duty goods (depending on the maximum load capacity, of course) and due to the open-sided/ended nature of the flat platform, over-sized and oddly shaped loads are just as at home as regular cartons and boxes. Purchasing platform trolleys is a must for businesses of many types.

Scissor lift trolleys

These trolleys are almost identical to platform trolleys, but with the added benefit that they can also be used to lift the load. This is great if you need to get your cargo onto a truck or higher shelving, and don’t want to keep getting down, bending and lifting.

Shelf trolleys

Shelf trolleys are similar to platform trolleys, but instead of one low platform they have several shelves. They are used across a number of industries – from manufacturing, to catering to the office: the key benefit is that you can keep items separate on the trolley as you make your way around the site. This means that you can deliver sandwiches, snacks and drinks, for example, or collect dirty plates while re-supplying clean ones. In the office, mail and stationery supplies can be kept organised, and in manufacturing you can keep tools, components and other items neat and tidy.

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Cage trolleys

A cage trolley is not so different from a platform or shelf trolley. The load is retained by mesh walls and/or a top and this makes it easier to keep what you are transporting in place. If necessary you can often lock these variants for added security.

Sack trucks and trolleys

A different entity entirely, the sack trolley consists of a flat, floor-level platform, attached to two wheels and a back frame/handle. To use it, rather than lifting the load onto the trolley, the operator slides the platform beneath the sack or boxes that need to be moved, tilts the trolley backwards to distribute the weight onto the frame and the wheels and then moves the trolley to the destination. Handy options when it comes to sack trucks and trolleys include collapsible variants that can be stashed in your delivery trucks to make unloading and delivering easier, and stair-climbing models that have three wheels in a triangular formation on each side of the platform, allowing for easy movement of goods up and down kerbs, steps and stairs.