February 24, 2024

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Beijing 2022: More sensitive tests are worrying our players

Beijing 2022: More sensitive tests are worrying our players

Concerns are rife among athletes arriving in Beijing ten days before the Olympics, which begin on February 4.

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More sensitive PCR tests conducted by Chinese authorities are of more concern to athletes, especially those who have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past two or three weeks.

According to the CBC, the Chinese use the test with a 40 bicycle threshold when foreigners arrive at the airport. These tests are much more sensitive than those used in Canada, where the bicycle threshold is 35 standard.

“This situation should not come as a surprise to us and we are ready,” said Eric Miles, chief of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC). We are closely examining the situation. Two weeks ago, we met with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and were given a clear presentation. ⁇

The COC is hopeful that Canadian athletes will not be fined.

“The establishment of a committee of 20 people, both Chinese experts and internationally, will ensure that this is an independent group. The decision to exclude an athlete will not be made by one person. Each case will be studied individually. We have received an IOC guarantee.”

The national short track speed skating and Bobsleigh teams spread before the holiday break and a significant number of cases on the women’s hockey team raised fears that they would be worse off among the relevant athletes.

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Columnist Martin Leclerc confirmed these fears on Wednesday, telling the story of two radio-Canadian colleagues who were tested positive when they arrived in the Chinese capital, despite all their tests being negative in Canada. In December, two employees became infected with the virus.

“We have compiled a list of all the cases identified, the miles have been underlined. This is our priority. And can compete.We have no reason to worry about athletes.

Concerned players

The bicycle threshold used by the Chinese is considered unmodified.

“It would be a mistake to compare it to a protected entry rate and what has been done elsewhere,” Miles said in a statement to Mike Wilkinson, COC’s chief medical officer, who will travel to China on Friday. There is a discussion window for rates varying between 35 and 40. 30 rate in NBA and NHL, which is lower. We would not be comfortable sending our guys to games at such a rate. ⁇

Athletes are concerned.

“Since returning to Europe after the holidays, I’m not been so stressed about catching COVID – 19,” said snowboarder Audrey McMahon. During the last World Cup in Russia, positive cases were reported in our hotel. ⁇

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