May 24, 2022

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Tax fraud: Total fines of more than $ 1 million

A single tax on "extraordinary" wealth can reach up to $ 60 billion

Four individuals and three companies were ordered to pay a fine of just over $ 1 million for tax evasion.

They allege that they “failed to declare income and taxes related to the activities of those representing the natural products company.”

Two offenders were also jailed.

“Criminals act as independent marketing executives for a company that uses a multi-level marketing concept. They receive commissions based on purchases made through their network, “said Rev. Quebec in a statement.

“However, the perpetrators agreed that no revenue was declared from the commissions. The company they represent has no part in committing the crime, ”the government agency said.

Jean-Pierre Laperle, 72, as well as Diane Guay Laperle, 70, both of Terrebonne, were fined nearly $ 800,000. Their company was fined $ 91,000.

Jean-Pierre LaPerle was also sentenced to less than two years in prison per day.

Mario Turchetta, 62, of Marioville, along with his numbering company, were fined more than $ 150,000 in total.

Finally, Anne-Marie Laperley, 44, of Terrebone, and her company Development Laperley Inc. were ordered to pay a fine of just over $ 80,000.

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