June 3, 2023

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Eric Duheim is playing a dangerous game

Eric Duheim is playing a dangerous game

Eric Duheim may conclude this week that the mission is complete.

He presented a well-known candidate in Mary-Victorine, Anne Casabone, the heroine of the anti-vaccine movement.

The latest Leger poll has 11% voting intent, making it the only party on the rise.

And he ended his week demanding the lifting of health restrictions.

Duheim got what he constantly wanted: massive media coverage.


When he took over the leadership of Quebec’s Conservative Party, alas, we believed in creating a new moderate political party. Existing political current, but without political relay.

The party that first proposes solutions to the facts that are poorly represented in our collective discussions: debt, capacity and the state government, population shock …

As ADQ has previously noted, during elections, ideas that affect health find an echo in the population.

However, Eric Duheim did not make this choice.

Instead, he chooses one pose: the anxious one.

How can he seriously demand that the measures be lifted at a time when hospitals are burdening him like never before?

As someone who relies on the Quebec Anti-Vaccine Movement, which is partly responsible for such detention restrictions, what do you need to ask for relaxation?

He knew it was nonsense. If the state is in charge then do not do this.

Only, what was important to him was to be provocative enough to find himself in the middle of the news. And provoke general dissatisfaction.

The original was not interested in him. There are no solutions either.

Eric Duheim now represents the Quebec transformation of some politicians west and south of our borders, who were caught up in public debate with their delusions, cruelty and outrage.

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He is limited to such a role and takes the risk.

The politician who moves forward through health measures and who will perish at the end of them.

Can go down as fast as you can go up.