March 25, 2023

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Pandemic Fatigue: How to keep up the morale with this 5th wave?

Pandemic Fatigue: How to keep up the morale with this 5th wave?

Uncertainty in the wake of the confinement will greatly affect the morale of the population, but there are strategies to get the 5th wave even better.

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“We are in the month of January (…) so it is very difficult for people because we can go out more or less. We add all the fatigue of the action to deal with Kovid, so people are very tired and very anxious, ”said psychologist Paul Langewin.

According to the latter, it is human relationships that people often miss. “Whether it’s watching a show, having fun with people (…) or going to dinner. That is, I think people are very excited, ”he explained.

Mr Langevin also said he felt some impatience among his clients for not being vaccinated. For most of his patients, people who refuse the vaccine are a little “focused on their navel and don’t think about others”.

Due to the crisis that has been going on for almost two years, anxiety attacks are a new reality for many. “People who do not have anxiety disorders are now stressed. They will not see when COVID will end, ”he said.

However, there are ways to live well with limitations and uncertainty after the events surrounding the epidemic.

For example, creating a plan and planning various outdoor activities is one way to reduce stress. “Make a plan, not too early, but say it’s very necessary to reduce anxiety in two weeks (…)”, the psychologist went on to say, thinking it’s a good way to regain some sort of control.

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“Even though it is very cold, I want people to go out. There are plenty of 10 minutes to clear your mind and make a plan, ”he adds.