May 22, 2022

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“I have no choice anymore …” Ilham, 38, decided to take his first dose

"I have no choice anymore ..." Ilham, 38, decided to take his first dose

“I’m disgusted. I’m reluctant to go there but I have no choice,” Ilham, 38, said on the line. Vaccine Exhibition Center of
Good. Like the fifteen people who made the appointment that day, she will receive her first vaccine injection

“It simply came to our notice then Antivox ! If I had not come before, it was mainly because I was worried, I thought we did not have enough perspective and I had enough health problems, ”he explained. She. Ilham “pushed” the moment “to the maximum” but she was “stuck” with him.
Vaccine passCame into force
Monday for people 16 years of age and older. She adds: “Anything restaurant, I don’t care. But it started to get expensive [en tests de dépistage] And then, even to travel, airlines ask for the vaccine. It became really problematic for my work. ⁇

“A lot of people are not coming to catch Kovid and get vaccinated”

Lawrence Serandor, head of the vaccination center for the city of Nice, suggests that “all profiles” were among those who resigned to receive their first injection. “People who are lonely, people who are no longer likely to perform a negative test, others who are under a lot of stress”, the manager explains in detail. Before adding: “This time they caught the coronavirus and there are a lot of people who will never fall as they are getting their recovery certificate for the next six months. “It’s too late It will soon be reduced to four months To combat the spread
Variant Omicron.

Until mid-January, “there were 60 and 100 first doses per day. Now it depends on the day. Today is fortnight. Thirty yesterday. An average of 800 injections per day are performed. People who want to come and take their first dose without making an appointment will be taken care of at Palais des Expositions, the manager underlined.

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Since the vaccine campaign began, the city of Nice has provided 604,997 doses of anticoagulant vaccine, including 99,168 third doses, which Lawrence Serandor sums up as “almost half of the reminders given that even city medicine can be vaccinated.” In its latest weekly report, the Paca Regional Health Agency noted that “vaccination remains an effective tool in combating acute forms of the disease.”