May 18, 2022

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Sarah Palin c. New York Times: Difficulties …

Sarah Palin c.  New York Times: Difficulties ...

Although she fled to New York, I told you how important the purpose of her visit was to the media. The verdict, which is expected to come out soon, will have an impact on how freedom of the press is applied and how the media covers the public.

The New York Times has already admitted that it misrepresented one of its articlesMe Palin. A former editor has come out claiming that the fault is his own and that he should take full responsibility for it. I have explained to you that the trial is not intended to confirm whether there is an error, but to find out if this error occurred in good faith.

Long before Donald Trump attacked the media on a daily basis, the former governor of Alaska denounced “lame stream media.” Be it ABC, MSNBC, CBS or The New York TimesShe did not look favorably on anyone in her eyes and she accused them of constantly trapping her.

As Sarah Palin was called as a witness yesterday, she had the opportunity to testify to the abuse and abuse attributed to this media slingshot intended against her. It was his best hour. We guess she was not satisfied with the usual bravery or vile propaganda slogans. Someone thinks she comes very ready.

And then? As has happened during and since the 2008 campaign, Ice Amazon not only struggled to justify its allegations, but also opened her mouth and damaged his chances of success. According to observers in the room, she was unable to demonstrate the damage caused by the editorial. Times.

Where she was expected to be sharp and well-supervised by her lawyer, she provided the same hollow principles as usual. She was vague in her arguments, unable to support the relentless allegations Times Or generate references from alleged slander articles.

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How bad, as evidence? Until the caricature. She stated that she did not have time to read everything that was written about her. Remember that the facts were planted many years ago and she is following it Times.

Sarah Palin learned nothing from her terrible 2008 campaign. Suddenly and rebelliously in the face of those who advised her, she closed her chances to herself. Convinced that the style was more than material, she gave a lot of interviews, which confirmed her knowledge and manufacturing error. To this day, John McCain must be thinking about it in his grave.

In a way, Sarah Palin’s poor performance hurt me. Why? Quite simply because the real shares are high and I like it Times Do a real test. Nothing says that the verdict is in favor of this effective publication, but, if it is based solely on yesterday’s evidence, it will be pocketed.

The media must meet the highest standards. When Fox News and AON in this world allow us to point out their dubious journalistic practices and their rigorous error, we must set an example.

Furthermore, in these defamation suits, the courts generally favor the media. Even if corrections are made one can think for a moment Times, There are real chances that a plaintiff will bend a giant. Trump and Pauline in this world dream about every night.

MMe Palin, rebellious and chaotic, may have caused her downfall yesterday, missing out on a great opportunity for us to clarify the limitations of the work of the media.

We concluded the arguments of the parties involved on Friday. So we need to make a quick decision on the outcome of the trial.

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