May 18, 2022

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The Trudeau government was guided by inertia

The Trudeau government was guided by inertia

(Ottawa) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has learned an important lesson during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is entirely possible to force the government machinery to step on the accelerator in times of crisis to expedite the implementation of relief programs.

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Mr. This confidence was expressed in an editorial interview given by Trudeau Press A few days before voters go to the polls on September 20. He declared his desire to apply the same speedy implementation to his government-favorite files.

“In a crisis situation, we can speed up the bureaucratic machine at any time and provide an extraordinary and urgent way for people in crisis,” he said.

For two weeks, Justin Trudeau seems to have completely forgotten this joyous lesson. However, the country is in crisis. According to former Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, the crisis bordering the uprising.

A group of protesters stormed the city of Ottawa as they parked about 400 heavy trucks in downtown in front of Parliament Hill. These demonstrators, an extremist group demanding the appointment of a committee consisting of the governor-general, opposition parties and their leaders to replace the Trudeau government, are poisoning the lives of residents of the federal capital.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and city police chief Peter Sloley, who were completely overwhelmed by the incident, have been asking for emergency assistance from the federal government and the Ontario government for days. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police deployed additional officers. Ontario Provincial Police did the same. But as protesters refused to pack up, Mayor Watson declared a state of emergency on Sunday. Mr Sloley defended his position that there was no police solution to the problem.

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The news spreads all over the world. G7 The nation’s capital, Ottawa, is mired in chaos and anarchy. Municipal, provincial and federal officials lost control of some part of the capital territory. The police are incapable of restoring peace there.

Their impotence is that 21-year-old Ottawa woman, Sexy Lee, continued her lawyer services to get a court injection to stop Truck Horn’s concert all hours in downtown during the day. He was banned on Monday. “I had no choice, I really wanted to do something,” the young woman began in an interview granted to the CTV network on Tuesday.

The Trudeau government ministers, who have been accused of making their absence apparent during the crisis, finally made the first statement on Monday: to bring together three-level government representatives and set up a committee. The announcement was met with ridicule, especially since the Ford government had not participated in all three meetings so far.

The failure to restore “peace, tranquility and good governance” in Ottawa has inspired other protesters. Since Monday, the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor and Detroit and is the most important trade link between Canada and the United States, has been blocked. The effect came immediately. Major car manufacturers had to cut their production massively. However, Ambassador Bridge is part of a list of “critical infrastructure” compiled by the Ottawa Department of Public Safety. The affair resonated with the White House. Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer said local, regional and national governments should “reduce the economic blockade.”

Since Thursday, a group of demonstrators at Emerson, which crosses the border between Manitoba and North Dakota, has been raging. Other protesters have been raining or glowing for more than a week at the Kouts border crossing on the Alberta-Montana border. Given the ease with which demonstrators can settle at border crossings, they can expect other blockades in other parts of the country in the coming days.

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Criticized for his role being removed from the start of the capital occupation, Justin Trudeau said he was now in constant communication with the mayors of Ottawa and Windsor. On Wednesday evening, he spoke with Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who was also conspicuous by his absence.

Coincidentally, Justin Trudeau blamed the Conservatives for the chaos. On Thursday, he was delighted to see interim leader Candice Bergen change his stance by urging protesters to go home.

The fact that Mr. Trudeau holds the reins of power. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh on Thursday politely reminded him of this. “Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau is one of the most powerful nations in the world. But he does not act. He does not show leadership to resolve the situation, “he cursed before encouraging him during the question to do what was necessary to resolve this dilemma.

Black Cubacois MP Christina Michad, however, briefly summed up the impact of the Trudeau government’s general inaction in the House of Commons on Thursday.

“The Ambassador Bridge blockade, the parliamentary seat, the threats at the Ottawa airport, the border blockades in Alberta and Manitoba are not isolated actions. This is not a specific city or province. Canada Target. That is why the Prime Minister of Canada must take the lead. We face a profession run by experts in police and military tactics aimed at the federal government. When will this government face the crisis that is looming before its eyes? ⁇