May 17, 2022

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“Better control () spread” of avian influenza

"Better control () spread" of avian influenza

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The verbal closing of the epiphyseal is still very earlyAvian influenza Intercultural committee of the most pathogenic, Fory grass palmips in FranceCifas) The already produced workshops are re-preparing animals. On February 10, 2022, the inter” 130 actors from small and long sectors “brought together” to analyze this new episode and give everyone’s experience.”

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Animal self-checks

“The phenomenon of good control diffusion in the future Virus “Several working axes have been put on the table. In order to” better control the individual health status of farms”, carried out the implementation of a self-detection strategy Camillians Issues relating to[edit]Also, in compliance with the measures to develop Biosafety “Sector at all levels” is considered vital.

Sites breeding animals Breeding That is the subject of special attention. It is recommended, ” in order to allow animals to dispose of animals in severe conditions and less stressful…

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