May 18, 2022

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An influenza after the winter, stitched from the nose of the virus-released

An influenza after the winter, stitched from the nose of the virus-released

But wait till today.After lifting, at the beginning of February, mandatory airing, mask and gauges in public places, meeting this Wednesday.It is also possible to eat in transit, stadiums and cinemas. Such as a spring wind (contagion) before the time. Therefore, exactly two years after this epidemic, covid-19 of its variants taught us to be on guard. But let’s not greet at the good news, temporarily: the situation has a month Sharp improvement is.

Declining circulation

The first reason for hope is the free falling circulation of the virus. Following the rapid progress from the end of December and the superiority of omisron variant, s-CV-2 began, three weeks ago,one further was found during the peak of 365,000 from the way 21 (on average for the sample date and seven days), it is now 140,000 on February 8. This alone has a 60% reduction on the side. In Terra-de-France before falling, Siau-2 ventilation is now only about 20% of its peak. This is only due to a decrease in number of development tests. Because of the water cycle decreases at risk, less than 34% from the end of January 29% after ten days.

These can be described through the difficult faced by senior user. From 1 onwards, more than 13 million people have been officially infected with France, probably double reality. Further, omisron partially escaped protection from transmission given by vaccination, while the latter will be covered in over 90%-12s in short, already among the people…