May 18, 2022

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Ottawa: Excellent acceptance of failure

Ottawa: Excellent acceptance of failure

Justin Trudeau announced the Emergency Act yesterday – The first since it was adopted in 1988 – The acceptance of failure on an extraordinary level.

Failure was first and foremost the Ottawa Police Chief. It was also not possible in the upstream to prevent the so-called free convoy from arriving by installing an extended security perimeter.

Doug Ford failure. President Joe Biden’s request that the Ambassador block the bridge and end it, his inaction is complete.

For failing to take action until yesterday, the failure was also Prime Minister Trudeau. And the results of the whole work are terrible.

1. Nearly three weeks of hell for Ottawa residents. 2. Financial loss of billions. 3. The epidemic impact of the convoy across the country and on other continents.

4. The denial of the rule of law by conspirators and right-wing groups, including many affiliated with the Trumpian network, and by thousands of invaders with financial support.

5. Ottawa police’s overwhelming complacency towards occupiers. 6. Abandoned by the authorities, the residents had to organize their own counter-demonstrations.

7. Residents increased acts of intimidation, both verbal and physical, towards residents and journalists. 8. Hate messages are pouring in through social media against anyone who criticizes the occupiers’ delusional rhetoric and illegal tactics.

Disruption of the social order

In short, dumb, Canadians and the world G7 witnessed the breakdown of the social system in the middle of the nation’s capital.

Along the line, Ottawa lost its “management” mark of headquarters. Until yesterday the political leadership was null. Zero police strategy. The requirement is null.

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Mr Trudeau, who was paralyzed by the authorities, may have done well before resorting to emergency law. He already has many legislative tools at his disposal. This has been explained in detail by several experts in constitutional law.

Because along with some fantasies about Trudeau Sr. and the nostalgia for him. “ Just watch me In October 1970, the occupation of Ottawa required a police and political operation, not an armed operation.

End of rejection

It is only right that Justin Trudeau should not send troops. It is very difficult to understand his expectation and attitude when there is nothing on display in the convoy and everything related to the profession.

The remaining hope is that his decision to enforce the emergency law will also serve as a warning. The brightness of the convoy. In the future, for the next ones who want to do it again.

Finally, for himself, on the importance of acting when needed. When the crisis is over – it will pass one day – maybe he will even emerge as a head of government from it? It also depends on him.

However, there is a possibility of very deep damage. With the strength of their successful occupation of Ottawa, the Capital Invasion, the right and its conspiratorial allies increased tenfold with the impact of the epidemic, using it to continue to expand their networks.

When do we learn about the dangers posed by the extreme right of the minority, but not so much in the West? Like everyone else, I have been asking the question for many years.

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The siege of Ottawa marks the end of rejection. Even in Canada.