December 6, 2022

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Anti-sanitation activities “festival” before the National Assembly

Anti-sanitation activities "festival" before the National Assembly

According to the “programming” unveiled by the organizers, this weekend is more of a festival of anti-sanitary activities than the show awaited for the Quebec people. Musical performances and “universal meditation” shrug shoulders with political speeches and other demands.

Another “Freedom Convoy” starts at 5pm on Friday and the “festivities” continue until 5pm on Sunday.

In all, about ten musical performances were announced by the singers and DJs on the stage to be set up in front of the National Assembly. The Quebec mayor has already announced that permission is required for this type of activity.

“If the mayor does not want music, we will make more flutes Truck. Fear, fear, threats and intimidation, ”said Kevin Bilodo, one of the rally organizers on social media.

Convoys from nowhere

As for the estimated number of performers, it is difficult to estimate at the moment. Naturally, the organizers announced a wave of vehicles, indicating that “several thousand people” would be estimated in Quebec, Queen Bilodo.

Convoys departing from various places were announced during the first meeting on February 5.

Groups from Bas-Saint-Laurent, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Center-du-Québec and Montreal suburbs have already confirmed their presence.

A convoy from the bus should be made with heavy goods vehicles and farm machinery.

Mask in adolescence

In addition to the demand for an “end to the health emergency” and the “removal of Franకోois Legalt”, the protesters added to their demands this weekend to end the wearing of masks for children in view of the rally.

The relevant convoy, known as the “doggy-mobile convoy”, took part in the protest on Saturday and is asking for support from parents and teachers across the province.

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“We are going to pair up with the departing truckers [sic] In Quebec. The goal is to drop the masks. I invite parents, children and you, the teachers, and we want you to be our children, ”said Julian Leclerk, the group’s manager, in a video posted online.

The latter, originally from the Drummondville area, was found in recent weeks after his daughter hung up an expensive object wearing a mask in front of the school after being reprimanded for “wearing the mask incorrectly”.

The movement then gained momentum, explains Twenty55, Local media

Programming From the “Freedom Convoy”

Hosted by Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier, Kevin Bilodo and Kevin “Big” Grenier


Animation and DJ from 5pm.

Saturday (11am to 11pm)

12 noon: Testimonials

1pm: Amelie Paul speech (known in conspiracy circles)

1:30 p.m .: Managers’ speeches

Sunday (11am to 5pm)

11 a.m .: Managers’ speeches

Numerous musical performances by singers and DJs as well as “Universal Meditation” sessions are planned for the weekend.