May 24, 2022

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Gabriel Roy Biography Author | Franకోois Record dies

Gabriel Roy Biography Author |  Franకోois Record dies

Franకోois Record, editor, columnist, professor of literature and a great expert on the work of Gabriel Roy, is no more.

Updated at 4:14 pm yesterday.

Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne

The announcement was made on Friday afternoon by Editions du Boreal, an affiliate of Mr. Record since 1983. He directed the Papers Glue collection there.

“Franకోois, one of our greatest intellectuals in the city, told us that Pascal Assathiani, the general manager of the Boreal, was one of the geniuses who was not in their ivory tower. They were not in the open. Provides a passion for literature.

Joined by PressNovelist and filmmaker Jacques Godbout, who was president of the Boreal until last year, said: “He has an amazing intelligence. And if he works the same way in the classroom, it’s very unusual.

Franకోois Record was born on June 4, 1947 in Chavignon. He studied at McGill University before graduating in 1971 with a doctorate in literature from the University of Aix-en-Provence.

Upon his return to Quebec, he taught French and Quebec literature at McGill University.

Author of many articles such as Literature against himself (1985) and Literary generation (1992), M. Ricard explores the literary world with his biography Gabriel Roy, a lifeReleased in 1996. The book was commissioned by a Manitoba-born author who died in 1983.

“As head of the Gabriel-Royf Fund, he was instrumental in preserving and disseminating the work of the great novelist.

About Kundera, Jacques Goddamn recalls the circumstances that caused the record to sink into the work of the Czechoslovakian writer in the early 1970s. “Before settling in France, Kundera passed through Montreal. We received him at a writers’ conference. Franకోois wrote a text about him and tried to invite him to become a professor at McGill, but Kundera already had deals in Paris. They were in touch.

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In the Boreal, Franకోois Ricard is accompanied by many authors, including Fernand Dumont, Serge Bouchard, Gilles Archambolt, Andre Major, Jacques Bralt and Pierre Neptune.

“He is the publisher of young writers such as Dominic Fortier, Isabelle Downice and Nadine Bismuth. He has been a cultural bridge for generations,” said Pascal Assathiani.

Certainly from a personal point of view, MM. Assathiani and Godboot lose a friend. “Franకోois was discreet, amusing, amusing and humorous,” said Jacques Godmbout, who knew Mr. Ricard in the review. Freedom. He did not accept stupidity. And he is a very good golfer. ⁇

Franకోois Record has achieved many specialties in his career. He has won two Governor Generals Awards (1985 and 2003) and the Prix du Quebec Athanasius-David in 2018.

He breathed his last in Montreal after a long illness.