May 18, 2022

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Complete Canadian News World -20 February live: mask end at home in mid-March? -20 February live: mask end at home in mid-March?

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19 hardcore.

13 H – Oliver consider the end of the mask in theé
Interior in a month

« We see the collapse of the Omen wave “To
Ye Jin said.”
Decrease in sanitary load as well ». Patron
So : ” As of mid-March, sanitary conditions will
Allows to remove the mask inside and all or part
Pass the vaccine
». Minister refused to solve, however,
Date of March 15, committing an estimated period only
“Mid-time” Mid-March ». As for the fourth dose, he
A new variant relates the appearance.

12 hp covid long: trail of antihistamines

A case report published in the nursing Journal
Journal for nurse practitioners Describes two cases
Having serious hope responded to the administration”
Over the counter misconception “Develop a
Notable features. « Future studies
Justifying to understand the potential role of histamine
Explore the disease and medical benefits of covid lang
Antihistamines chronic treatment

11 A. M-British want” Living with virus

Boris Johnson Monday is due to unveil new counter-terrorism strategy
Terms of creating a closed chlorine
Epidemiologist. This should have the end alone
Adaptive cases and free tests.

10: 30 morningemic end: biotech boss

Hutchin Sahin, bontec general director
Covid. Him, we of being far from Serie and he will
For the long term to come, we must make it a habit to live with appreciation….

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