October 4, 2022

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A mechtrio for double-double elimination

Oui, Cline Dion rechantera!  |  La Presse

Tensions were high on Sunday evening Big Brother Celebrities The Noovo Channel is more exciting than the interpretation of Olympic figure skating between Alain Goldberg and Catherine Gautier.

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It felt like a fast food counter during the peak season: as they say at the drive-through at Tim Hortons, the musketeers’ mechtrio on the grill for an evening double-double elimination.

Built like a Hollywood movie with vengeance and betrayal, this episode has the most spicy and full body of the season. Mary-Mai also seemed surprised by the reversals that followed each other so much faster than the rate at which cyclist Hugo Barrett spoke. After the untimely removal of YouTuber PL Cloutier, who was not connected to anyone in the house-studio, the roommates finished the game in an hour a week. Big Brother Celebrities. And it’s going to bake.

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PL Cloutier removed.

New boss Stephanie Harvey, a video game champion, targeted Michael Kids by placing Claudia Bouvet and Eleanor Lagas on the elimination block. The purpose of the maneuver? Break up the three girls and break up this extra strong alliance that brought three funny, inspiring and wonderful partners to the events. The decision to be daring on the side of Stephanie Harvey, who does not appear in, is dangerous. Top 5 Of the most formidable competitors Big Brother CelebritiesLet’s be polite.

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Eleanor Lagas and Claudia Bouvet escape after being placed in the Elimination Block by Stephanie Harvey.

The Wet’s freelancing then continued with twists and turns in a teleseries. Singer Claudia Bouvet has released her partner Catherine “Peach” Paquin’s capsule on XtremeS for the final test. The trinity, which had eaten all week as a slap, was once again victorious. Claudia defended herself and was replaced by Catherine Peach at the guillotine.

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Thanks to Hugo Barrett and Eddie King for disobeying Stephanie Harvey, who is plotting to remove probably my favorite player, actress and singer Eleanor Lagos this season.

But the boss’ plan went awry. Influential Catherine Peach was martyred by the final vote of her friend Claudia Bouvet. A heartbreaking finale to these three musketeers I adore.

There is something annoying about watching their progress, such as silent participants Tranna Wintour, Eddie King or Lyson Richard, who overcome some of the challenges and only hoist their cart into a more powerful locomotive. At least Eleanor, Claudia and Catherine have been struggling since day one, adopting a positive attitude. Respect, women.

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Stephanie Harvey felt cheated by her friends.

Stephanie Harvey, who thinks she has been cheated on by her friends, will not have a rosy (hair gag) next week. If Hugo, Eddie, Claudia and Eleanor join forces, it will be a “game over” for the Counter Strike Champion.

For those who wonder what the expression “chowquat” that PL Cloutier regularly pronounces means, in fact it is a slang decline of the adjective “shoket” in English neologism, which means that a person is very, very moved. .

Photo from Facebook account Star Academy

Camellia Jackie

Logic is respected at Star Academy

It has been revealed that 17-year-old Camellia Jackie will be at the Waterloo Mansion on Sunday evening. Because a) Gregory Charles cried after his sobriety show Tell me, when will you come? Barbara’s, b) The story of her father in Morocco took a lot of time to air in the daily newspaper Star Academy And c) Camellia is lovely, talented and even has the right to ask a question to Canadian pop star Alicia Cara.

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In short, no one left his microphone like Patrick Bruel when Camelia’s name came out of the public choice envelope. Logic followed. Gailine Tremble, on her flight to Isabelle Boule, also said of Camellia that “her soul goes into the hearts of all of us”. As well as.

Photo from Facebook account Star Academy

Sarah-Maud Desgagne

Teachers rescue 23-year-old Sarah-Maud Desgagne Piece of my heartPopular songs with Erma Franklin, sister of Aretha Franklin, later Janice Joplin and others

With his shy rereading I will fly Michel Sardou’s, Larry Deachen, 20, packed up. She was less impressive than her peers. There is no scandal to deny.

Photo from Facebook account Star Academy

Larry Decene

Fourth Sunday Gala Star Academy It started with a combination of Patrick Bruel’s great hits that are often seen on Quebec TV. There is nothing original here. On the other hand, it is necessary to underline the excellent performance of Crystal Mongoose Voice break. Finally, we give him more ice cream. She and Audrey-Louise lead the pack among the girls.

Number of Rock of Ages In particular Lunau highlighted Juchini’s crystalline voice, who wins the most Star Academy Last year, we could not write enough. Remy Chase, despite his expertise in this register, retired more than usual. He seemed to be having trouble with his earpiece.

Funny Ariel Charrest provided “LipCinch” capsules for three candidates at risk and it was really funny as always. We can not get over his cheerful facial expressions and deliberately fake clothes.

The traditional “campfire” division was assigned to the Cain group, whose ear worms My beautiful departure And Tell us about yourself Éloi, douard and Jéremy were allowed to stand apart. Cain is very unified, well executed as a moment due to the energy and enthusiasm of singer Steve Wheellex.

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Now, it is clear that Oliver Bergeron will be in danger this week. He was not the best on Sunday. Julian Charbonno has a wonderful voice, but his stretched vocabulary turns out to be annoying, as Gregory Charles has already told him. It also gives Marilyn Dorian the smell of evaluation.