November 27, 2022

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Elizabeth Riox confirms what many feared

Elizabeth Riox confirms what many feared

During a trip to Hawaii for her next Hoka collection, Elizabeth took the time to answer questions about her love life.

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First in publication and later Stories, Elizabeth Riox has finally settled the rumors regarding her romantic situation and her relationship with Cristo.

Elizabeth’s statement is as follows.

“I hate to tell you this, I’ve been trying to clear things up for the past few weeks without making an official announcement, but I’m completely calmed down by this decision. I just want to and I have nothing to say, I do not have time to talk about it. Don’t worry about us, we’re both happy yet, but everyone’s on our side! I’m grateful that life has brought us together at the right time. Me and I will always be. “

Remember that his mother, influencer and businessman Cristo cut short his planned stay in Costa Rica with his family, quoting a rumor about him, the nature of which we do not yet know. She moved in with her daughter Wolfie to visit her grandparents in Miami before officially settling in at her home in Blaineville.

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Elizabeth also refers to the comments she receives and reads regarding situations by dismissing bad language. She points out that she did not anticipate the situation and that the insensitive comments of others regarding all of this add unnecessary weight and annoyance.

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Now that the situation is clear Elizabeth wants to move on.

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