November 27, 2022

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To eliminate food poisoning, here are 9 incompatible foods…

To eliminate food poisoning, here are 9 incompatible foods...

Here is a list of plastic contrast foods that can eat Food health.

1– Meat

Cooked, get the meat placed in a plastic container
The faster breaks, and weak tasting and texture will
Then happen. But contact with meat is also not advisable
When she is raw: plastic contact will accelerate her


It is advisable to avoid the introduction of egg & #13;
Plastic, and this in all its forms. Boiled scrambled or fried eggs, They
Never store plastic. And this also Case
For all egg based foods, such as mayonnaise, because of risk
Pollution with salmonella or e.Coli bacteria.

3- Raw vegetables

Be careful not to put Cut the vegetables in your freshly a plastic box : They could soften and Wilt. And they & #13;
Lose a lot of nutritional value.

4-soup (and all hot recipes)

If you made the soup and you left some, dawn
Do not immediately pour into the plastic container. Wait till she gets & #13;
Cooled, would otherwise undergo its composition and flavor alteration
Direct contact with plastic. Same goes with all the hot dishes,
Sauces, etc. dishes

Food, plastic boxes&#13 storage;
Be practical. But be careful, don’t do all foods good & #13;


Closed in a plastic box, will release from cheese
The water which accumulate to form roots and promotes the formation of mold.
Some bacteria can accumulate the cheese later. For
Avoid indigestion, it is better to leave cheese to their
In the original container or a glass box.

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6-smoked salmon

Stored in a box…