June 6, 2023

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Daphne Cote-Haley received her first role in France

Daphne Cote-Haley received her first role in France

Thanks to the French series Cubeser Daphne Cote-Haley has hit the screens in 120 countries today Family weekend, On Disney +. “I still can not believe it! She smiled and agreed.

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“I did a little bit of television here in Quebec, but I had no idea. I never carried the series on my shoulders and here I am doing it for the first time with a lead role in Disney + in France. This is completely surreal, ”the actress said in an interview Newspaper.

In fact, Daphne Cote-Haley mainly advocated secondary roles on our screens, her name appearing on credits Various facts Or Victor Lessard. Family weekend Its biggest role is with guaranteed distribution across the planet and in 45 languages.

“Basically, it was really flattering. They did not choose me because I was famous or because I had a certain reputation. They chose me because they want my own power, ”she said.

Quebecer in Paris

This power, she kept here in the service of the character of Quebec Emmanuel Leme, who was sent to Paris for her studies. However, after falling in love with the French father played by Eric Judor she decides to stay there longer than she expected.

Adaptation is still not without conflicts: the three daughters of this man each make life difficult for their new mother-in-law in eight episodes of 30 minutes each.

And at this point, the Quebec origin of his character is no excuse for a string of clich లేదాs or easy gags over our cultural differences with our French cousins. “Refreshing” approach, his commentator said.

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“They did not want to play on it. Obviously, it provided some of our improvements, but the fact that my character was a Kubaker was secondary.

With Eric Judder

Before leaving for Paris where she spent three months last summer – she suspected that her playmate Eric Judor had gained some popularity in her native France. But on the spot she understood its scope.

“The bus drivers stopped in the street to take a photo with him! It’s really serious. But Eric was a very generous man, he did not consider me a big star. I’m very comfortable very quickly,” she explains.

If it’s too early to provoke a second season idea Family weekendThe actress is hopeful that the series will bring her “other great projects” here.

At the moment, Daphne is working on the Cote-Haley web series Pathetic symphony – “Awkward comedy with a female touch”, she directed to be filmed this fall.

  • Family weekend Will air on Disney + starting today.

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