June 3, 2023

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Ottawa blockade operators Tamara Lich and Pat King are in custody

Ottawa blockade operators Tamara Lich and Pat King are in custody

Tamara Lich

In a short 30-minute session, Ontario court judge Julie Bourgeois decided not to grant bail. Tamara Lich While waiting for the trial.

His lawyer is seeking parole on $ 5,000 bail.

Tamara Lich appeared in court Saturday morning.

Photo: Larry Foster-McLeod

The Alberta woman behind the campaign GoFundMeNow suspended – A man has been arrested in Ottawa for allegedly raising more than $ 10 million in support of a protest Thursday near Parliament Hill.

She is accused of counseling others to commit atrocities.

Judge Julie Bourgeois ruled that there was a risk of recurrence. lich The reason for that is very high Recent history in our city.

Your detention is necessary for the protection or safety of the people.

A quote from Judge Julie Bourgeois, Ontario Court

If you are released, you are more likely to commit a criminal offense, more specifically, to continue or promote behavior that intentionally interferes with or interferes with your legal use, enjoyment and management of the property. ThemThe judge underlined in his statement.

A woman was surrounded by two policemen.

Tamara Leach, one of the organizers of the trucking convoy, speaks to police officers on February 17, 2022 (files).

Photo: Reuters / Patrick Doyle

Another organizer of the show, Chris BarberHe was also arrested on Thursday, charged and released on bail the next day.

Contrary to Mr’s testimony. BarberYour testimony did not affect or convince me that you were ready to return home and follow the terms of release from the courtsOn Tuesday the judge added the bourgeoisie. I have found that your testimony is reserved and that your attitude is almost restraining.

The judge pointed out that Mrs. lich He faces up to a long prison sentence if convicted.

The court also banned Tamara Lich To communicate with other operators of the convoy, in particular Pot King, Chris Barber, Benjamin Dictator And Daniel Bulford. She is scheduled to appear in court again on March 2.

Pot King

Asked to release one of the leaders of the movement. Pot KingIt also happened on Tuesday.

Judge Andrew Seymour Presents his decision Feb. 25 at 1 p.m. Shri. King He will therefore be detained until his next appearance one week after his arrest.

A 44-year-old man He was arrested on Friday And faces charges of committing riots, counseling others to commit riots, contempt of court order and counseling to obstruct police work.

He appeared in court on Tuesday wearing pants, a gray cotton sweater and a green camouflage jacket. During the trial, Mr. King A few minutes later the judge lowered his mask under his face before being called to order. He apologized and immediately returned his mask to his face.

Illustration masked under the mouth of Pot King in the dock.

Pat King appeared in court Tuesday morning.

Photo: Larry Foster-McLeod

Crown Prosecutor, Moiz KarinjiThe accused were appealed to be taken into custody.

The assumption of innocence is not the same as the assumption that there is no danger, Said the lawyer. According to him, if the accused is released there is a risk of re-offending, because He is arrogant And Not governed by any court order.

Shri. Karinji The court case of Mr. King, Including incidents that occurred when he was a minor. The prosecutor also submitted several publications of the accused’s social networks.

Someone with a microphone.

When Pat King was blocked in Ottawa on February 4, 2022 (Archives)

Photo: Facebook / Pat King

Defense Attorney, Call RosemondHe pleaded in favor of releasing his client whose trial was pending because he would have to spend more time in jail than he had pleaded guilty to due to the court delay.

He said the Ottawa community would be safer if a woman from Alberta supervised by the proposed surety than putting Mr King in jail. Kerry Comics Called as a witness during the trial.

The latter undertook to act as a surety, i.e. to act as a supervisor Pot King While the case is before the courts. If the defendant fails to meet the terms of the release, she is promised a $ 50,000 bond or half of her home equity.

Mrs. Comics Mr also undertook to drive. King Until Alliance, Alberta where she lives alone. He sleeps in the room next to his. She protects her internet password, seizes her phone and monitors to make sure her ankle bracelet is working at all times.

Alberton agreed to be part of a convoy of truckers who came from West Canada to demonstrate on Parliament Hill. Pot King One of the leaders. She said she knew him personally Pot King For four weeks.

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