November 27, 2022

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CDPQ: Stakeholder meetings in English only “This is not acceptable”

CDPQ: Stakeholder meetings in English only "This is not acceptable"

If some find that the Kaisse de Depot at Placement (CDPQ) is shy on the French question, its owner wants to rectify the situation.

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“For us, respect for the French is an important principle,” said Charles Emand.

A few months ago, he stated that he felt he was “provoked” by remarks from leader Michael Rousseau to the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

Caisse depot et placement du Québec, however, was crushed by comments on the situation on SNC-Lavalin, in which it was a shareholder and included monolingual English boss Ian L. Edwards was there too.

But yesterday, the company leader stressed that policies will be made for companies.

“All Quebec companies, we do this, we talk to them privately, we plan meetings for the next few weeks, because it’s a general meeting season,” Mr Emand said without naming the companies involved.

“For us, an organization based in Quebec, if it conducts an assembly only in English, it is not acceptable,” he warned.

But glare with comments

The leader will not comment on Quebec’s decision to give even more teeth to its bill 96 regarding the language spoken by leaders in Quebec.

“We do not want to replace the legislature or the government,” he said.