December 8, 2022

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Lehouillier prefers the central layout of the 3rd link

Lehouillier prefers the central layout of the 3rd link

Lewis Meyer, Gilles Lehoulier, warmly welcomed PCQ leader Eric Duheim’s proposal to build a bridge on the east side instead of a tunnel connecting the two city centers.

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Interviewed at a press conference On the departure of the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) The day before, Lewis Meyer today restored his faith in the Legalt government, which is currently working on a new, less expensive version of the Quebec-Lewis Tunnel project, which is actually worth between $ 6 and $ 10 billion.

“The next step we are eagerly awaiting is to find out what kind of adjustments the government will make to the current project. And from there, we keep ourselves, but basically, we are already behind the government […] We believe the government project is very good, ”said Transport Minister Franకోois Bonnardell as he left the camp.

Mr. Lehouillier clearly prefers a way to connect the two city centers to improve public transit service.

“The public transport component is important. Basically, in addition to car lanes, the government is providing us with a real metro between the two shores (electric buses ply in the project tunnel, editor note). We can not bring people on public transport unless there is a link from downtown to downtown, ”he insisted.

Additional support

PCQ leader Eric Duhaim

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PCQ leader Eric Duhaim

Lewis Meyer, however, welcomed Eric Duheim’s support for a third intershore link, although he did not share his views on the form in which the link should be taken.

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“As long as it goes on, you are going to see this kind of support for the third link in a much more serious way than you might expect. There is very strong support. There was Mr. Duhaim who proposed the variant … Now, we say “trust the government”. ⁇

“I have a deep belief that the government is looking to cut costs and see how the project can be completed in less time,” he added.

The merchant is still in doubt

The Quebec mayor, meanwhile, said he was not yet officially wet on the third link project and could not comment on its form. Bruno Marchand is waiting to see the “adjustments” that will be announced later by the government before they commit themselves.

However, he already believes that the eastern route is not the best option. “The further east and far you go, the longer the road, the harder it is for public transport. I’m skeptical. ⁇

– In collaboration with Stephanie Martin

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