May 24, 2022

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10 signs and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

Presse Santé

Irritable bowel syndrome is a intestinal disorder characterized by cramps, parts of bloating and constipation and diarrhea, other symptoms of disturbed communication between the wheezing bowel syndrome signs and symptoms (IBS).

Historically, people have thought that IPS is a functional digestive disorder, which means it is caused by abnormal functioning if a tumor or a year, the researchers found that some people with the spread of small bowel bacteria may play a role in this situation.Some pride
Research will continue to determine the exact reason why some people suffer from wheels.Some people realize that the real cause is that their intestines are too sensitive to certain foods. Twice tuition fee. It is the oldest remaining structure at an elevation of 50.

10 features of this theme. Table of contentsRead on to learn how to recognize it. We also deal with other conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

1. Pain and cramps

Abdominal pain and cramps can be symptoms of ailments from small to severe. It has two of the most common symptoms of HIV / AIDS.

Intestinal hypersensitivity is the most likely cause of these symptoms. Irritable bowel syndrome affects the way the brain and bowel work together, and this condition leads to abdominal pain and numbness they should high contraction of the intestinal muscle for the normal bowel movement.

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