May 24, 2022

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This victim of the scammer attacks the series and Netflix

A few days ago we told you about the last one Success Of the streaming platform Netflix With his series Discovering AnnaAfter creating The real noise In the Google search engine. However, if Series Many fans were able to conquer, some did not appreciate it at all Adaptation This story.

A “slightly” fictional adaptation?

The new Netflix series, from February 11, 2022, describes the rise and fall of Hussler Anna Delvi real name Anna Sorokin. She recently starred in the series starring Julia Garner Ozark. Discovering Anna Recalculate The true story of Sorokin / Delvi, a young woman who deceived the entire New York elite by pretending to be a wealthy heiress..

The Sorokin story was first presented to the general public by Jessica Presler New York Magazine In 2018 This article is the basis for the series Discovering AnnaNamed Vivian Kent, after Anna Klumsky played a lightly fictional version of Presler. We also find Rachel WilliamsWho worked Vanity Fair At that time, and who was surprised when she found out the adaptation of her character and her story in the series.

Williams first appears in the sixth episode and is played by Katie Lowes.The series describes the devastating holidays Williams spent with Sorokin in 2017. She was then a photo journalist Vanity Fair When she befriended Sorokin. She described her journey in detail in the 2018 article for the Vanity Fair “My Bright-Lights Missadventure with a Wizard in Manhattan” Also in the 2019 book, My friend Anna.

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In an article published this week by Time Magazine, Williams made it clear that she “did not participate in the show.”. She says:

I found out with everyone that Katie Lowes plays the character “Rachel” in it, and Netflix describes her as a follower who “almost ruined her job, her savings and her life by blindly adoring her”. But her biggest regret is her relationship with Anna, and the woman she’s thankful for is probably Anna’s great creation. “

Praising the culprit?

She explained that she imagined there would be times when Williams would change her experience dramatically Makes her “uncomfortable”. And she knows she has limited control over how the show portrays her character, She said the Netflix description was really ‘shocking’. The journalist then specifically quoted a sentence, “She is a woman thanking Anna”, saying: “These [quelques] In a nutshell, my business, my successes and my truth have been erased at once. “

Do we believe that the love I share with my parents, family and friends who raised me to become a woman is not due to my own efforts or self-satisfaction, but thanks to Anna?

In a later article, Williams criticized the image given by the media about the real Sorokin“Through the most friendly interviews she tried to turn criminal behavior into an elite art”.

Like the Williams article Vanity Fair And reflects the series Discovering Anna, Reporter forced to pay luxury vacation bill after Sorokin says he has problems with his bank. The latter assured him that she would be repaid in full once they returned.

Account results: Williams never paid less than $ 62,000It’s Sorokin practically non-refundable. And Sorokin at the same time, received a total of nearly $ 350,000 Netflix For the rights to receive his life story (although much has been frozen so that victims of his crimes can claim their rights).

Williams denies that Sorokin received money for his story, But how did the media use the articlePraising the character and the person behind it.