December 6, 2022

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We now know who will replace Danny Bather in La Chicken

We now know who will replace Danny Bather in La Chicken

Star Academy viewers have for the first time discovered the identity of La Chicken’s new guitarist.

Yes, last week, we learned that Danny Bather left the group for sure a second time and immediately.He could not attend the Variety of Star Academy where the group will be held this Sunday.

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The group took the opportunity to announce on its social networks that we would find out the identity of its replacement, so go live during the show.

Shortly before this Sunday, La Chikane took great care to hide his face and by sharing a photo with him, he made a little joke to the fans out of curiosity to know who he was!

“Finally! Our first official photo with new kids, according to popular demand!
Finally find out the identity of our guitarist from 7pm at Star Academy, we can read for fun.

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It was broadcast live during their performance at Star Academy, and we were able to discover the identity of the person who was added to the group: Jean-Marc Koucher.

Jole Leme / QMI Agency

As soon as his face appeared on the screen, there were many responses on social networks and naturally, the reception was positive.

For his part, Mark Duprey questioned the main interested party about his new role, which seems to have elevated him to the highest level!

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“When they called me, I’m very happy. In addition, it’s been 10 years since I started Star Academy, the winner of Adventure in 2012.

In addition to appearing at Star Academy, La Chicken is releasing its new summary tonight When things are going well, Taken from the May 19 release of the album.

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