May 22, 2022

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The “Red Bracelets” series has been restored

The "Red Bracelets" series has been restored

“Les Bracelet Rouges” rallied a large audience because of its humanity and the solidarity of young people facing the disease, which will continue its momentum on TVA next January.

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We have given the green light to shoot the second season of Fiction, produced by Encore Television in collaboration with Quebecore Content.

In an interview with the QMI agency, the authors Michel Brouillette and Stéphanie Perreault did not hide their joy at plotting new things. They are working on the first four episodes of next season, which may bring back some characters.

“The unfinished dramatic curves continue into the second season,” said Stephanie Perrolt.

Among the returns, we can also think of Felix (Anthony Therian) who had relapsed cancer and Albert (Malik Bobbin), a boy in a coma. Characters discharged from the hospital may also return to visit their friends.

“There will be some and new young people coming in,” Michelle Browlet confirmed, with viewers settling in at the end of this Tuesday’s episode.

“We know people are tied to characters. We are still shocked by the response from the people and we are getting a lot of messages that the series is good, ”said Stephanie Perrolt.

Authors Michelle Browlet and Stephanie Perrolt are at the forefront of saluting the talents of the younger generation as they respond to even the youngest actors in the series – he played a physiotherapist and her a psychologist. “We’re lucky to play with them,” she slipped.

Filming for the second season is set to begin in July under the leadership of Ann England, who will return to service.

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The most recently confirmed figures from Numeris for the week 14 to 20 February show 1,218,000 viewers for “Les Bracelet Rouges”.

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