May 24, 2022

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Laura Fabian made a happy proposal to Audrey-Louise!

Laura Fabian made a happy proposal to Audrey-Louise!

Three days after being expelled from Star Academy, Audrey-Louis received an interesting offer from Laura Fabian.

His departure from Waterloo Manor did not only move academics. Several observers protested the decision by the teaching staff on Sunday evening.

Although Audrey-Louis may not return to the academy, she will soon have a surprise surprise waiting for her! Laura Fabian offered him to go on stage and towards him during his next performances. Audrey-Lewis will be at the VideoTron Center especially in June.

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“I talk to Audrey-Louis every day from Sunday. She is doing very well. She said it was a fair thing: life went well, and if it had stopped for me at that point, there would probably have been a reason, ”said Laura Fabian.

The 23-year-old singer received a huge love affair with a petition to bring her back after she left the academy.

The main interested party did not hide her frustration when she visited the Salat Bonjour set the day after the elimination. However, she showed us great resilience.

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