May 24, 2022

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Montreal’s has raised 120 million US dollars

Montreal's has raised 120 million US dollars

Every month, the Montreal site, employs more than half a million people worldwide. In less than five years, the company’s revenues have grown from 6 to 125 million, which is clearly enough to entice investors.

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Kareem Benessaih

Kareem Benessaih

And this is just the beginning, assures Lucas Martinez, co-founder and co-CEO of “We want to generate more than $ 1 billion in revenue and become one of Montreal’s largest owners. To fulfill its ambitions, announced on Wednesday that it had received US $ 120 million for its Series B round, as well as US $ 30 million in loans from BMO’s Technology and Innovation Group. Inovia Capital co-sponsors the Kaisse Depot at Placement du Quebec (CDPQ).

Quebeckers’ wool reserves have invested $ 53 million in 2019 in the form of share capital in a company called Neuvoo since its founding in 2011.

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Lucas Martinez, co-founder and co-CEO of

The name change took place in early 2020 with the aim of creating a strong brand image.

“Changing the name is like putting gas in the middle of an airplane, but it was successful,” Martinez said. Kaisse helped us a lot to turn the company into a professional. There are 50 of usAnd Job site in the world, we improved, we listened, we rode and today we are in the top 5. We want to be in the top 2 for the next five years. ⁇

Bots and customizable

The new capital raised by will inevitably allow it to rent in Quebec and abroad and invest in improving its platform by focusing exclusively on artificial intelligence. Available in 79 countries and 29 languages, publishes nearly 30 million jobs from over 1 million employers. Companies can feature their offers and pricing based on the clicks generated.

To succeed in compiling such a catalog of jobs, we mainly rely on robots that search the web for offers published on company sites. Artificial Intelligence creates profiles of job seekers and introduces them to the appropriate offer. Searches can also be done according to the desired salary and we provide a tax calculator according to the Canadian province, as well as tables that specify the tax rate by country.

According to Chris Arsenalt, partner at Inovia Capital‌, it is “a true platform for candidate focus”. In a press release issued on Wednesday, CDPQ Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer Alexandre Cinet said, “” is in a good position to grow, thanks to its ability to adapt to technology and complete evolution.

World “Mastodon” has 400 employees in a dozen offices worldwide, including one hundred at its headquarters in Montreal. Antennas are planned in Brazil, Europe and Singapore. “We’re very excited about what happens next,” said the co-CEO, who shared the title with his early partners, Benjamin Fillian and Maxim Drooks.

“We have the resources to invest in research and development. We are constantly improving the product. The goal is to become a global employment juggernaut. ⁇

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