December 8, 2022

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Nearly 1 billion in data centers

Nearly 1 billion in data centers

American Vantage Data Centers is investing $ 900 million to increase its capacity in Quebec. The investment includes the construction of a third site in Montreal and the expansion of existing sites in Montreal and Quebec.

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Andre Dubuk

Andre Dubuk

One of the world’s leading hyperscale data center providers (Hyper scale) Dedicated to cloud computing and big data processing, Vantage continues to expand its Point-Claire (QC4) campus with a third site of 21 MW (8 MW) and 8,800 square meters, which will open its doors in the fourth quarter of 2022. When completed, the facility will provide customers with a capacity of 48 MW.

The official announcement was made at a conference in Quebec on Thursday afternoon in the presence of the Quebec Deputy Premier and Louis-Hebert Member of Parliament, Genevieve Gilbolt.

“Vantage Data Centers is the largest provider of digital infrastructure in our investment and expansion in the province of Quebec Cements. Hyper scale In Canada, “said Maxim Guevin, vice president and general manager of Canadian operations.

Quebec is an ideal location for data centers due to its green and affordable power, our fiber optic network quality, and our cool climate and business-friendly environment.

Maxime Guévin, Vice-President and General Manager, Vantage Canada

Vantage announced the acquisition of new land in Montreal, near Dorwell Airport in Point-Claire. Construction of the data center (QC6) has already begun. The start of the first phase is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.

In Quebec, Vantage purchased an additional 32,000 square meters of land, allowing it to expand its existing site. The development of the Third Center in Quebec is partly funded by the Society General, which provides financing linked to sustainable development indicators. This new facility was approved for the “Green Loan”, the first for Vantage due to the environmentally friendly features of the Quebec facilities.

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Nearly $ 2 billion has been invested since 2019

In the end, Vantage will have four sites with a capacity of 143 MW with a total investment of 1.7 billion.

“The digital world in which we live produces more and more data that needs to be stored. This reinvestment by Vantage once again proves that Quebec’s renewable energy enables it to respond responsibly to this increase. We are proud to support players who contribute to our metropolis’ position in the field of technological innovation, ”said Stefan Pocket, President and CEO of Montreal International in the same press release.

Due to its absence in Quebec before 2019, the American company acquired six sites: 4 degrees in Quebec and Technopark, two in Point-Claire and the next expansion phase in By-d’Urfelo and Saint-Bruno-de-Monterville, on the south coast.

Vantage data centers provide a physical environment for IT server operators. It provides its customers with power at all times, physical security of the premises and air quality control. It operates in six markets in North America and six in Europe.