December 8, 2023

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UQAM lecturers vote for strike order

UQAM lecturers vote for strike order

Lecturers at the University of Quebec (UQAM) in Montreal voted overwhelmingly in favor of an indefinite general strike order after a year of “shrinking” negotiations. Their demands: less uncertainty, more recognition.

Posted yesterday at 6:56 pm.

Lee Carrier

Lee Carrier

The UQAM Teachers Union voted 90% in favor of the so-called indefinite general strike order on Wednesday.

Union President, Oliver Aubrey, sorry for coming to these “final ways”. But after a year of fruitless negotiations, the 2,500 members he represents “hated the boss’ attitude. ఎక్కువ More than a year and 29 sessions, and we are just beginning. We want the employer to negotiate seriously, ”he denied.

Instability of lecturers occupying contract positions semester after semester – Union’s main battle horse, renewing its collective agreement, which expires in 2019. (The pandemic postponed the start of negotiations.)

However, UQAM’s proposals go in the opposite direction, outraged Mr. Aubry. The union also condemned the “failures”, citing the increase in the probation period and the loss of seniority points following the cancellation of the course proposed by the employer.

“Instead of valuing our members and their expertise, the management of UQAM hopes to reduce them with unacceptable proposals,” said trade unionist Thunder.

At 1er Bicycle, lecturers teach more than 60% of courses. In some sectors, the ratio can increase up to 80%. “Lecturers conduct teaching at the undergraduate level. We can get better recognition, ”said Mr. Aubrey.

The union also makes some demands on online teaching, representation in university institutions and freedom of education.

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