February 23, 2024

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Victory goes through Quebec, Charest believes

Victory goes through Quebec, Charest believes

Former Premier Jean-Charles believes the path to success for Canada’s Conservative Party leader will inevitably pass through the Greater Quebec City area.

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In seemingly great format, the candidate for PCC leadership addressed a twenty-minute speech to a few hundred activists gathered at the Hotel Le Bonne Entente based on his experience and his achievements.

“I know the way to success. I have done it this way in the past, ”the 63-year-old politician began.

The Quebec City area remains a fertile ground for the Conservative Party, and Mr Charrest’s team has struggled to get local MPs to support him.

“For me, the basis of the campaign is Quebec. And the Conservative Party base here in Quebec is the greatest area of ​​Quebec. Here are our Caucus members. Against all inequalities, they were able to choose because in each of their rides, they were respected and loved, “he said, referring to Deltell, Vienna, Generex, Lehoux and Godin.

Jean Charrest also failed to highlight the presence of Lewis Gilles Lehoulier and Sam Hamad Meyer.

As in the previous day in Laval, Mr. Charrest promised to unite and unite the deeply divided Canada. He said the best years with Quebec were under Conservative rule in Ottawa.

Economy first

Financial discipline, good public finance and a strong economy are among his comments. “Who should we trust to get the economy back on its feet? Justin Trudeau or Jean-Charles? ⁇

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According to him, the country needs a lot of experience.

“Having experience is not an error, it is not an error already ruled and it is not an error already made in decisions. I know Canada can do better. International affairs are not theater, Mr. Trudeau! “He added.

To illustrate his regional affiliation, Jean Charrest concludes with a lighter tone.

“I said being the premier for Quebec is like being the vice mayor for Quebec City,” he said. The Prime Minister of Canada will also be the Vice-Mayor of Quebec City. ⁇

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