December 4, 2023

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Kovid-19: The list of infected politicians is growing

Kovid-19: The list of infected politicians is growing

The list of politicians infected with COVID-19 continues to grow on Sunday.

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Finally, Transport Minister and Granby MP Franకోois Bonardell had to keep himself isolated after being infected with the virus.

“Last night I experienced symptoms related to COVID-19. I tested myself this morning and got the result [positif]. I am lonely, ”the deputy announced on his social networks on Sunday.

“So far I have only had mild symptoms. I will work remotely for the next few days as prescribed by Public Health, ”he added.

Lovell Meyer and Stefan Boyer also announced Sunday morning that they had been infected with the virus.

“I got a positive result in my screening test for COVID-19. I’m fine. My symptoms are mild, ”he said, adding that he would also work remotely for a few days.

On Sunday afternoon, Quebec Deputy Premier Genevieve Gilbolt announced that she was alone. Although she is not infected with the virus, she will have to work from home as her 4-year-old daughter tested positive for Kovid-19. “[Mon test] Negative, but I have to take care of her, keep me alone and work remotely, ”Ms Gilbolt said in a Twitter post.

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In recent days, many politicians claim to be infected with the virus, but the B2.A sub variant from the omicron strain of Kovid-19 is spreading much faster in Quebec and other parts of the country.

In particular, Prime Minister Franois Legalt revealed on Thursday that he had been infected with the virus. Dominic LeBlanc, the Minister for Federal Intergovernmental Affairs, was also infected.

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