May 22, 2022

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Russians Lviv | The Journal of Montreal

Russians Lviv |  The Journal of Montreal

Russia is now focusing on recapturing the Donbass region.

However, the boundaries of this territory are not fixed. For some pro-Russian forces in the Donbass, close to Vladimir Putin, such as the New Russia Party, the border covers almost half of Ukrainian territory (See map below).

On the ground, Russian forces continue to withdraw around Kyiv. However, pressure from the Russian military continues to be felt in the south. The city of Elviv was bombed. Collided with a petrochemical complex.

To meet

Yesterday, US President Joe Biden met with the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Poland.

The United States has promised more weapons and more food aid. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Reznikov said the meeting with Biden encouraged him.

The US President again stated that he did not want a direct confrontation between NATO countries and Russia, but that any attack on NATO territory would bring an armed response from the United States and their allies.

A butcher “

Biden also called Putin a “butcher” in response to a question about the devastation in Mariupol.

Contrary to the position expressed by his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, he called for Putin’s departure and the fall of the regime.

A White House spokesman later said that the US president had not called for the overthrow of the regime or for Putin’s downfall.