May 18, 2022

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The French were missed by the Rangers

The French were missed by the Rangers

It is more infinite than a narrative. And Luke Gelinas of RDS, one of the beat guys in Canada, said on the radio yesterday morning. Is good.

Jean-Franకోois Chaumont Newspaper Alexis traveled to New York last Friday to report on Lafrenière.

Good topic. Lafrenière has been a storm these days, he is the first draft pick, the Rangers are doing well.

Obviously, we are in 2022, everything is complicated. But Chamont, a good man like everyone else, asked Lafrenier a few questions after Friday’s game.

Lucky 13 scored the Rangers’ first goal and was one of three players brought forward by reporters in New York. Always polite and courteous, Chaumant waited for Lafrenier to answer the “New York” questions before addressing him. By asking a question in French. The Rangers publicist shouted, “Stop! ⁇

He demanded that Chaumont ask his questions in English and that Lafrenier Jeff Gorton answer them in language. Chaumant froze instantly. He returned to the French, but was once again interrupted: “English only. ⁇

So our Chaumant asked his question in French, but Lafrenier de Saint-Eusta, embarrassed and embarrassed, answered in English.

However, when the Rangers created Alexis Lafrenier from Remoski Oceanic, they presented him with the largest possible poster on Times Square and Broadway. In French. Welcome to Alexis.

When selling tickets, we speak French.

Spanish of the Yankees

This is intolerable. Discrimination. Colonial. Do you think the Yankees are preventing the Santo Domingo reporter from speaking Spanish with Luis Severino? Or the Tampa Bay Lightning Stockholm-based journalist was banned from speaking Swedish with Victor Headman …

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