June 7, 2023

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Julie Snyder creates beautiful discomfort with her April Fools’ Day: Franకోois Lambert returns to events

Julie Snyder creates beautiful discomfort with her April Fools' Day: Franకోois Lambert returns to events

At this Thursday 4 July weekJulie Snyder receives Franకోois Lambert.

With a bit of tension between the two people, the group of demons decided to take advantage of April Fools’ Day the next day to inflict a terrible blow on the viewers.

So in her show, Julie Snyder performed a montage of all the moments that made fun of the founder, and left the set pretending to insult the latter.

The afternoon before the show aired, a short video showing Lambert’s escape was unveiled on social networks and fans already enjoyed the pot of roses. Before April 1st, Internet users were even more skeptical.

On the other hand, after the broadcast, many admitted to being bitten and even apologized to the host when some behaved very rudely in previous comments on social networks. Many underlined the sinless game of the host, who completely deceived them.

Franకోois Lambert actually returned to events on his social networks later, indicating: ” juliesnyderofficielle and @lasemainedes4julie Thank you for offering to gag for the week. I enjoyed creating this inconvenience. The response has been very strong, last night I received a notification from Google that my name is the 14th most searched name in Canada What? “.

We can say that this goal has been achieved!

Remember this week Julie Snyder has specifically announced the identity of the young actress who will be translating everything in the musical of the same name. Her voice is awesome! Listen here.