June 7, 2023

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Your greatest challenge, Mr. Legalt: Sovereignty

Your greatest challenge, Mr. Legalt: Sovereignty

We are moving towards incompetence and nothing in the current political framework has reversed this trend. We cannot stop it by passing laws. What a waste of energy to preserve our values ​​and our very existence! Untargeted immigration works against us. You are the one who can make sovereignty possible.

Your re-election, which is virtually guaranteed, will give you extraordinary power. You are a nationalist, but some are beginning to doubt it. Can one really be a nationalist without sovereignty? Do you believe that being from Canada is good for our country?

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The political situation in Quebec is now conducive to the realization of this great sovereign project. To a large number of separatists, the party is no longer credible as a vehicle that will allow Quebecois to achieve sovereignty. The space is free and it seemed so natural to me that it was CAQ, Future for the Future of Quebec, which takes the torch. Your charisma makes you a dream leader. You have the respect and trust of a large number of sovereigns. I wonder how many people voted for you in the last election.

Other than the PQ, other opposition parties are struggling to redefine themselves. Although the CAQ has become sovereign, it is unlikely that they will become invincible adversaries.

This sovereign project affecting all Cubans will only be beneficial at this time. It will do you good to realize that there is so much more to life than Kovid-19.

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Independent thinking is no longer a favorite

Quebecs do not want independence. Is this really true? At present, it is not appropriate to rely on polls to gauge Cuban support for this idea, as, for many, the concept of independence has become synonymous with public opinion. This is not hopeful in any way.

Activists were dismayed to see the 1995 referendum result as a defeat rather than a virtual success. However, despite 25 years of silence and divisions in the independence movement, the big core of sovereignty still believes that it is very important for our country to have Quebec as a nation.

How to promote it

You proposed that the CAQ become a sovereign party. If, in Congress, this major amendment is rejected, you can form a new party. Then all the sovereigns will be concerned. As a result, you achieve an equation that surpasses all existing independent entities. Those who have their big dream pending or who do not know who to vote for to make themselves real can probably join your party.

National liberation along with education, health, etc. will be a part of your election platform, as this goal is very important to our country, which will enable you to allocate a substantial budget to it.

Creating a Nation is an inspiring social project for young people too, if they are well informed.

Giselle ProvostRetired Teacher