December 6, 2022

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Quebec Tramway | Franకోois Legalt Meyer announced his support for the project

Quebec Tramway |  Franకోois Legalt Meyer announced his support for the project

The stalemate between the Quebec mayor, Bruno Marchand, and some ministers from the Legal government on the tramway in the (Quebec) Old Capital is self-determined by the Prime Minister and is in favor of Mayor Marchand.

Posted 7:04 pm

Pierre Saint-Arnad
Canadian Press

On his way through Montérégie on Monday, Franయిois Legalt made no attempt to leave the goat and cabbage. In particular, despite the objections of Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Gilbolt and Ministers Eric Kair and Franకోois Bonardell, the Prime Minister made his intentions very clear: “There is a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. I would vote to give decrees to the mayor of Quebec to move forward. ⁇

Franకోois Legalt gave Mayor Marchand only one downside to this support: “What we want is the best possible social acceptance. I think all mayors, starting with the mayor of Quebec, want their citizens to support their projects. This is the only condition we set. ⁇

In this regard, Mr. Legalt used the opportunity to once again express his dissatisfaction with the deaf ear given to him by the Trudeau government. “Naturally, we also want to get our share of federal government money. I do not know why he is funding Toronto, but not (Quebec). ⁇

But he repeated, “The decree, if it is from me and there are some ministers here, we will give it to Bruno Marchand బుధవారం on Wednesday.” The ministers he mentions are Education, Jean-Franకోois Roberz, Daniel McCann of Higher Education, Justice and Government Leader, Simon Jolene-Barrett, Tribal Affairs, Ian Lafrenier and Culture, Nathalie Roy. Suzanne Roy, former president of the Union of Quebec Municipalities and former mayor of Saint-Julie, was accompanied by Mr Legalt from Vernes to present a candidate for the CAQ in Versace.

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The question about the tramway arose when the Prime Minister was asked about the efforts being made to reduce Quebec greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the wake of a new IPCC report submitted on Monday.

Franకోois Legalt did not fail to point out that Quebec is the state that produces the lowest GHG per capita out of all 60 states and provinces in North America. “We were first in the top 60, so it was a good start. Second, we are the only authority with a plan to spend $ 7.6 billion in five years, ”he said, comparing the federal government’s plan for Canada as a whole to $ 9 billion in seven years.

During this time he also launched nearly 56 billion public transport projects, including the Quebec Tramway, recalling that the lion’s share of Quebec emissions goes to transport. “We are moving forward with transportation because there is still work to be done,” he said, adding that “a third link between Quebec and Lewis, (here) are lanes for public transportation from the city center to the city center”.