September 30, 2023

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Star Academy: COVID-19 touches another candidate

Star Academy: COVID-19 touches another candidate

Although they are away from the outside world, Star Academy candidates are not immune from COVID-19, meaning that the second candidate will not finally appear on the Mels studio boards on Sunday evening, due to the virus. ..

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After Eloi, Oliver was infected with the virus and left alone, the product announced Sunday morning.

“Oliver is doing well and is now being held alone at the academy. Variety was not compromised this evening, but Oliver was unable to attend. We will be joining him directly from Waterloo to hear from him,” the show’s Facebook page said.

After Eloi announced the case, Oliver’s contamination was discovered after daily tests were performed on all competitors.

In addition, a second person, one of the candidates at risk this week, must maintain his place in the show by providing a remote presentation from the academy in Waterloo.

The production promised to take the situation seriously. “Sanitary measures are very strict and the production team is currently strictly enforcing the required standards through CNESST.”

This is the second time Kovid-19 has played spoiler sports in the VAT-issuing population. Last January, in the middle of the fifth wave, the start of the reality TV season had to be postponed before entering the academy, due to the infection of many candidates.