May 22, 2022

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According to Kim Jong-un’s sister | Nuclear weapons can ‘remove’ South Korean military

According to Kim Jong-un's sister |  Nuclear weapons can 'remove' South Korean military

(Seoul) Leader Kim Jong-un’s influential sister on Tuesday assured that South Korea would use nuclear weapons to “eliminate” the military if North Korea launches a pre-emptive strike.

Posted yesterday at 10:27 pm.

Kim Yo-jong’s warning comes three days after remarks made by South Korean Defense Minister Zhou Wook last week, his second strong response by the state – run media.

While Pyongyang has stepped up ballistic missile tests in recent months and threatened to resume nuclear tests, Suhwok said Friday that his country has the capability to “accurately and quickly pierce any target in North Korea.”

In response, Kim Yo-jung said on Tuesday that the North Korean news agency KCNA said it was “a big mistake” to discuss a pre-emptive strike on this “crazy” Suh ​​Wook nuclear power.

“If South Korea chooses a military confrontation with us, our nuclear force will inevitably have to fulfill its goal,” Kim Yo-jong warned.

This key political adviser in Pyongyang recalled that the “primary goal” of his country’s nuclear forces was to serve as a defensive tool, but “these weapons would be used to eliminate weapons” if an armed conflict broke out. Enemy forces during the strike.

If a “terrible attack” occurs, South Korean forces will face “a miserable fate, which is nothing but total destruction and devastation,” she said.

“We don’t [les] Do not consider yourself an adversary to our armed forces, ”she said, referring to the South Korean military.

MMe Kim had already denounced Mr Zuh’s “negligent remarks” on Sunday, warning that the South “must be disciplined if it wants to avert disaster.”

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North Korea halted nuclear and long-range missile tests when Kim Jong-un and then US President Donald Trump began high-level talks, which failed in 2019. Negotiations stalled.

North Korea is celebrating its 110th anniversary this month.And Anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of its founder and current leader.

In general, Pyongyang prefers to mark important anniversaries with military parades, large weapons tests or satellite launches.