May 16, 2022

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Confirmed at the Alanis Morrisset Festival d’Ate de Quebec

Confirmed at the Alanis Morrisset Festival d'Ate de Quebec

Thanks to the Swedish punk band Millencolin, we know who will be the mainstay at the Festival d’Ate de Quebec on the evening of July 15th.

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We learn from the program poster that Millencolin posted on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon that Alanis Morissette and Garbage will be stars Friday night at Abraham Ground.

Screenshot, Facebook

Their presence on the grid should come as no surprise, as the Canadian singer and American band are already on the 2020 festival schedule, eventually canceled due to COVID-19 and announced at BluesFest in Ottawa in July.

The publication informs us that along with Millencoline, Sum41, Pennywise, The Beaches, Dakhabrakha, Calamine, The OBGM and Nobro will be on FEQ stages on July 15.

We can also see the names of some Quebec artists such as Vincent Valiers, Lou-Adrian Cassidy, Millimetric and Laura Nike.

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Returning to its normal form after two summer epidemics, FEQ recently confirmed that Rage Against the Machine Plains is coming on July 16th.

The event will be announced Wednesday afternoon. The takers found the 20,000 tickets offered for the pre-sale on Tuesday.

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