May 18, 2022

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Patrick Howard climbed out of his tower

Oui, Cline Dion rechantera!  |  La Presse

Trinkets and furniture were packed and the condo emptied. Enough watering talks after two seasons and Snacks Swallowing in the corner of the counter, Patrick Howard placed the lock under his barn door Tower Thursday evening.

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Who wears nostalgic, fifties, project based, actor, screenwriter, comedian, host, producer and director hats? “I do not know what to expect. I felt a kind of pressure to know how I was going to live my last day. Tower. However it was emotional. I’m not so used to saying goodbye. When you make a movie or series, you know when it will be over and at the last party it will always be festive. We will go on another boat, there will be members of your team who will follow you on other adventures. There, really, it’s over, ”Patrick Hurd said on the phone.

Tower May continue for a few more years. This everyday combination of common sense, humility and curiosity delighted the viewers, who were sometimes deceived District 31 (Convicted!) Patrick Howard with the gang.

The decision to step down from Tower Taken with his wife Anik Jean and their 10-year-old son Nathan. “My eldest daughter though [Jessie, 24 ans] Still living at home, I definitely would have talked to him about it. My work touches my family. I will not be able to film again in the summer Tower Throughout the year. It’s too much. I am a person who invests a lot. My son is 10 and TowerIt represents 20% of his life, ”says Patrick Howard, who also appears in a very good TV series. Honorable Of Club Illico.

Photo from Anik Jean’s Twitter account

Patrick Howard is surrounded by his wife Anik Jean and their son Nathan, 10 years old

With Tower On TVA, the comedian-interviewer stirred up traditional talk show codes. With no orchestra, no music stand and no formal introductions, guests entered and evoked a retro-chic musical theme from his apartment. Oceans Eleven.

Patrick Howard says he “worked backwards” to avoid being animated in the traditional way. He recreated the enclosed space with four walls, which served as a bubble of intimacy for the many stars who visited.

Captain of Tower Most of his interviews were conducted by instinct. He wrote the words “to draw a plan, some sort of roadmap” on a piece of cardboard, but he did not impose any scaffolding in the upstream. “The way of communication is found according to the emotional logic. Yes, I have read search files before, but it does not make sense to force things with Crowbar. I took what the guests had to offer and listened to them, “said Hurd, 53.

Listening and the host’s openness, a feature rarely seen on Quebec television, combined all the episodes. Tower From September 2020. All without hesitation. Most often, the show ends at 7:30 pm and I wonder why Tower Didn’t take an hour or 90 minutes. It seems to me that we will take more.

According to Patrick Howard, the 22-minute format is allowed Tower To keep a certain lightness. “I have the impression that if I had an hour’s emission, I would have the reflex to go into dense matter, I know,” said Patrick Howard.

Photo courtesy of Mark-Andre Lapierre, TVA

Patrick Howard on set Tower

After the first three weeks of airing TowerA friend of Patrick Howard’s suggested he was piloting a “most beautiful decor podcast” he had ever seen.

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This observation is very correct. Tower Equipped with this atmosphere of confidence and freedom that we rarely see on television.

Patrick Howard is particularly proud of the systemic racism that led to the adoption of Ian Lafrenier, Minister of Home Affairs in March 2021, along with Michelle Adet and rapper Quentin Condo. “We saw people speak face to face, directly, but with a lot of respect,” he recalled.

For the continuation of Tower, Patrick Howard will not play the role of mother-in-law with Guildore Roy, who will come after him next September. “We already don’t like in-laws in politics. In creation, we love them. Taking ownership of the exhibition depends on Guildor, “said Patrick Howard, adding that there is no” right of scrutiny “to any changes that can be made to the original concept.

The comedy “Whitening” is about controversy Squad 99, He did it for Club Illico two years ago, when Patrick Howard spoke of an error, an embarrassing thing, though it was possible to have an important conversation on the representation of cultural communities.

In our ultra-divided world, he begs and I agree with him 100% that we collectively have “more patience for nunes”.

“In the beginning, there is always a lot of noise, it screams. Everything is black or white, and then it turns gray, ”said Patrick Howard, who did not attend all social networks.

And why did he stay away from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Because he perceives all negative comments and for example, he cannot “coddle” like Guy A. LePage.

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Although he wants to retire in the coming months, Patrick Howard’s professional agenda is already packed. He hosts a comedy competition LOL (Lost One Laughing): Who laughs last? For Amazon Prime video platform.

In Bell Media, he is working on a major television series, where he plays hired pilot Raymond Boulanger. And he also improved the series on former-SPVM star investigator Benoit Roberz, who sold information to the biker in 2013.

Patrick Howard is one of Quebec Showbiz’s rare free spirits who does not attach to any network. We need people like him a lot in our star system: people who are friendly, generous, talented and loud, yes. But the big mouth known to listen as much as the rogatian dubois likes to chat.