December 6, 2022

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Kovid features? Despite the negative test, isolation is recommended

Kovid features?  Despite the negative test, isolation is recommended

As hospital admissions continue to increase day by day, people showing COVID symptoms should be isolated despite their rapid testing being negative, Public Health reminded at a news conference Friday.

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The microbiologist and medical expert explained in support of the scientific management of the Ministry of Health’s pandemic that “we should be isolated as long as the symptoms of COVID are present” due to false allergies, Jean Longtine said.

“When you get a negative test, you should repeat it after 24 to 36 hours. The sensitivity of the test is not due to the kit, but to the behavior of the virus in our airways. The virus peaks in 3-4 days. Performance is much better, so if people do the test too early and do not repeat it, it can lead to false positives, “said Jean Langtin.

So, as long as a person has Kovid symptoms, they should be self-isolated until they get negative tests that change twice.

In addition, pharmacist Diane Lamarre reminded Mario Dumont in the section on isolation rules when infecting Kovid.

“Isolation should be 10 days. Isolation at home is five days, but the remaining five days are very restrictive and many people do not respect the conditions when they go back to work, ”she explains.

For the next five days, you should always wear a mask, always respect a distance of 2 meters and never come in contact with harmful people.

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“You can’t go back to work in a grocery store, you can’t go back to work in an environment where you meet people. You need to notice your symptoms. Additionally, we now add that if it is not a necessary task, we can telecommute. We’ll be home, “said Diane Lamarre.