May 18, 2022

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“I cut ties”: Cruel breaks up with Dion, Garou explains

"I cut ties": Cruel breaks up with Dion, Garou explains

2000 year marked by release Air downTitle sung by Celine Dion and Are, In all playlists after 20 years. Singing a duet with global star Celine Dion has been a boon to Garou’s career. But if he could go the extra mile with the singer and her husband and manager, then Rene Angelil, the former music star, would prefer to go his own way: “I’m watching the clip ‘Downwind’, I saw a good resemblance, very representative. […] She wanted to take me to great heights and at one point, I almost cut the cord myself to make it float.He revealed on a show called En Aparte Gala Unveiled a unique essence.

Garou did not have the same ambitions as Celine Dion and he did not regret this choice: “I wanted to go down rather than up. I did not want to be across the planet. There was a limit, not fear, I did not want to go up, but I said to myself: ‘When you go up in the clouds, there are times when it looks the same.” For this reason Lori Pester’s former colleague wanted to distance himself. So he “Cut the bridges“And the couple walked away:”We were very close with Celine. […] I think she did not understand.

Did Celine Dion blame Garou for keeping the distance between them? Not at all. The links are definitely relaxed, but the artists are always happy to meet again and remember the good memories they had together: “That’s magic every time we meet, a lot of things happen in our eyes. All of this complexity is there, a real connection. We did the same thing, we had two small Quebec hard diamonds, she tried to understand my vision, I was hers, so we had a special bond“It simply came to our notice then.

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