May 22, 2022

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Sezeps: Legalt gift to PLQ

Sezeps: Legalt gift to PLQ

I understand the complacency with which Franకోois Legalt tried to deceive me regarding the illegal 101 edge … what was the purpose? It will not vote for him!

You read this LogDo not miss the various statements of CEGEP professors who adopt moves that demand the application of Rule 101 at their academic level.

In the past news, Now 24 CEGEPs are trying to weigh in on the balance… even though the plateaus seem to have stagnated in the mind of our Prime Minister whose nationalism is ringing.

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The defeat of the Provincial Liberals by just under 7% of the vote in Monday’s by-election in Mary-Victorine should not disappoint them.

This is a lot of Francophone riding and Francophones are losing their relevance.

As allophone / anglophone voters close their eyes and vote heavily for QLP, the percentage of francophones to dominate the red is slightly reduced.

The French-speaking majority, divided between PQ, CAQ, QS and PCQ, is quickly governed by the PLQ, which is almost unanimously supported by those unrecognized with Quebec.

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By enduring the new generations of Quebec lost mentally and linguistically transforming themselves into “Sidzep” Americans, Franకోois Legalt is rewarding the Liberal Party.

Should our Prime Minister adopt the risky approach suggested by Advocate Julius Gray, who suggested that specialized language school systems, where 80% of courses are offered in French and 20% in English, should lead to a single system?

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I’m afraid Mr. Legalt is no longer listening to anyone. On the strength of his victory last Monday, he says to himself, “I have conquered the past.” And by re-promoting the candidate who denigrated himself as “racist” yesterday, he turned his CAQ into a horse-trading party.