May 28, 2023

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Bloodless rebellion

Bloodless rebellion

Tomorrow we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Constitution, which was enacted by Trudeau Sr. in 1982 to amend the Constitution.

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It is no exaggeration to say that Canada is recovering through a bloodless uprising.


Before this uprising there was a betrayal that would not happen in our modern history.

During the 1980 referendum, Trudeau promised the Quebecs a vague revival of federalism.

The only reasonable way to understand his commitment is to assume that Quebecars will be more listened to and respected instead of joining Canada.

It is quite the opposite.

The Quebec National Assembly, regardless of the party in power, has never ratified the Constitution and is not in Eve.

How do you feel about sticking to a contract you have never signed? This is what we live for.

The new constitution contains a charter of these rights and freedoms, which extends and sanctifies individual rights, especially to neutralize collective rights as much as possible.

She served as the basis for all the challenges that Bill 101 has, including the toothless one, and to challenge it today. The law of secularism.

The constitution gives more powers to non-elected judges and facilitates the exercise of territorial jurisdiction in lieu of the right to withdraw with financial compensation.

CONCRETE TRANSLATION: If I pay you, tell the Province of Ottawa, we will act as if you have no constitutional rights, right?

Historian Frederick Bastian, who is currently struggling to validate the entire case in court, also confirmed that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was discussing with the federal government at a time when the provinces were ruling on objections.

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Under this political regime, the decline of French Quebec was inevitable, impeccable, and coldly programmed.

If he stays there, it is a precursor to marginalization, equation.

Three readers describe the three faces of our national drama.

Mr. Roger Goet writes to me, “The linguistic situation in Montreal represents the overall linguistic situation in Quebec. ⁇

With all due respect, Mr. Goethe did not see what was happening in the metropolises and their suburbs, that the future of modern societies was not determined by the outlying areas.

It may be disgusting to hear, but it is so. Lack of perspective that borders on unconsciousness.

Mr. Joel Martin goes on to say: “In your opinion the separatist wick must be restored […], Along with all the consequences of defending French Quebec! ⁇

To him, the French fact is that even the slightest risk is not worth enforcing. Fear, more fear, more fear.

Mr. Danny Couture says: “Whatever you want, Cubans want to stay in Canada and be out of place. We are a people who have lost forever … “

Unconsciousness, fear and resignation. Aren’t we better than that?