May 24, 2022

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One hundred largest American companies | The study found that officers’ salaries increased by 31%

One hundred largest American companies |  The study found that officers' salaries increased by 31%

(New York) Apple’s owner gains 569%, Goldman Sachs 65%, Bank of America 8%: Medium income of general managers of 100 largest American companies. 31% in 2021, according to an Equilar study released on Monday.

Posted on April 18th

Between salaries, bonuses and stock options, their median income fell by 2% in 2020, the year of the pandemic, the company recalled.

In 2021, these 100 executives earned an average of $ 20 million, the highest being Intel chief executive Patrick Gelsinger ($ 178 million).

He is followed by Tim Cook, Apple (99 million), Hawk Tan, Bradcom (61 million), and Satya Nadella, Microsoft (50 million).

Salaries are likely to rise significantly as many companies choose to reward their CEOs with bonuses and stock awards for guiding their companies through turbulent times and leading to revenue growth. The cabinet said.

As a result of these large increases, the ratio between the salaries of superiors and their employees also increased. Bosses earned an average of 254 times more than their employees in 2021, 238 times more than the year before.

The median salary for employees of these 100 large companies rose 4% to $ 71,869.

Equilar based its annual ranking on the top 100 companies with the highest turnover before publishing the necessary information ahead of their shareholders’ general meeting on March 31.

There are only nine women in the rankings, and none of them are among the top ten highest paid bosses, the company said.