February 23, 2024

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FAF in the dark

FAF in the dark

Algeria-Cameroon match It will be replayed ? Algerians have been suspended from FIFA’s verdict since the Algerian Football Federation announced its decision on Thursday to appeal against the match’s mediation.

The World Football Organization (WFO) was due to review the Algerian file on Thursday, April 21, but did not filter out FIFA’s decision on Algeria’s appeal.

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Salah-Bay Aboud, media relations officer of the Algerian Football Federation, was questioned Thursday by the ALG24 news channel. “Nothing new”. FAF is in the dark.

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“FIFA has said it will review the file on April 21, but that does not mean it will be judged on the same day. There has been no response so far. “ He explained.

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He said “The answer may come in the next few days”. Salah-Baye explained that the FAF had not received any response from FIFA regarding its appeal in relation to the Algeria-Cameroon match or the Commission examining the verdict of the World Football Association.

“May come in a few days”

The Algerian national team exited the 2022 World Cup after suffering a last-minute defeat in a play-off match against Cameroon (1-2) at the Mustafa Chaker Stadium in Blida on March 29. After winning the first leg, the national team lost 2-1 at home. Two days after the defeat, the Algerian Football Federation announced that Algeria-Cameroon match referee Bakari Gassama had appealed to FIFA.

He stood out …

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