December 6, 2022

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Moscow imposes sanctions on another 61 Canadians

Moscow imposes sanctions on another 61 Canadians

Russia has blacklisted 61 Canadians, including a variety of individuals serving under the Trudeau government, as well as several journalists and senior members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

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The information comes from an official statement issued by the Russian government on Thursday.

“These individuals (61), senior officers, active and retired military personnel, representatives of the Association of Experts and the mainstream media directly involved in the development, justification and implementation of the regime’s rasphobic speech in Canada have been banned indefinitely from the Russian Federation,” on its website. Explains the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose web page is translated automatically and concisely.

These individuals will be joined by 313 people who are already about to set foot in Russia.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, CAF Chief of Staff, Wayne Eyre, as well as several ministers, deputies and senators in Parliament were part of the first round of sanctions announced in mid – March.

The 61 new recruits include the Premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba.

They include CBC / Radio-Canada President and CEO Catherine Tait, former Senator Romeo Dallaire, Bank of Canada President Tiffany Maclem and Canadian Representative to the United Nations Bob Ray.