March 20, 2023

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Singer Amin Chibane’s concert canceled in Algiers

Singer Amin Chibane's concert canceled in Algiers

Events related to musical events continue in Algeria. After Controversy ensued The imam, who wanted to stop a concert in Bouira, canceled the concert of Amin Chibane.

This Thursday, April 21, artist Algiers is scheduled to give his concert at Alpha-Tango in western Cherokee. But the evening was canceled at the last minute.

The singer, who is known for his strong views and activism through his songs during Hirak, had to cancel his concert that people and himself had been waiting for. He shared his frustration in a Facebook post explaining the reasons.

“Tonight’s concert was canceled at the last minute after a visit by plain agents during a soundcheck (rehearsals),” he revealed. The reasons for the cancellation were not specified. “My frustration is limitless …” the artist adds.

Amin Chibane is sorry for this incident, especially since it was his first concert after a hiatus of many years.

“I apologize to my audience for being so impatient with me to taste the stage again,” the artist lamented.

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Naturally, people were outraged by what had happened and expressed their solidarity, but also shared the artist’s frustration.

“Your frustration is shared by all your fans and friends and those who love the committed song, my strongest solidarity Amen,” wrote one user in a comment on the publication announcing that Chibane had canceled his concert. “All my solidarity is only a postponement,” another comforted him.

“It’s nothing (my son, editor’s note), your audience is there to love you and support you. Your whole life is in front of you to do great things. You are young and talented, ”assures her, meanwhile, by artist Hassiba Amroo.

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Solidarity from the singer’s people, but also from his colleagues and friends comforted him and encouraged him not to soothe his throat.

Singer Amel Zen Amin, known for his commitment during Hirak, expressed his anger and solidarity with Chibane. “Angry and rebellious with what has just happened … Banning Amin Chibane means banning all artists, art scene, art and culture in general,” she wrote on her Facebook page.