May 18, 2022

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Dukelos insists on Link 3: Ottawa does not fund “new roads”

Dukelos insists on Link 3: Ottawa does not fund "new roads"

Insisting on the “concerns” of Quebec citizens about the planned exits from the Quebec-Lewis tunnel, Federal Liberal Minister Jean-Yves Dulos Ottawa reiterated that “you will not finance new roads anywhere in Canada”.

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Mr Duclos, who is also a member of Riding in Quebec, made the remarks during a government statement this afternoon.

According to him, Transport Minister Franకోois Bonnardell is setting a “bad example” when he inquires into the fact that the federal government is involved in a $ 4 billion project for the new George-Massey tunnel in Vancouver.

“It’s not [le tunnel de Vancouver] New road infrastructure […] These are the existing infrastructure, ”he said. Duclos repeated.


When asked more specifically about the new version of the third link that Quebec unveiled last week, Minister Duclos said many questions remain unanswered, including the space allocated to public transit in the mega project.

“These are questions as long as the presentation (presentation), we know a little more than before,” he argues.

He also shared the concerns expressed by citizens of his constituency who do not want their neighborhoods to be “deformed” and “open” again by highway exits.

“Those in my riding తెలుసు know what it means to live in an environment that is already very crowded,” he said. Wondering where these six hits are coming from. It is already a place covered with concrete and asphalt. ⁇

Tramway financing

On the other hand, Mr. Ottawa has not yet received an official request from the Quebec government to finance Tramway’s additional costs. Duclos confirmed.

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In recent weeks, the minister has indicated that the federal government is ready to take on 40% of the additional bill.

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